Scientific Core Conditioning

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    Scientific Core Conditioning is the most comprehensive, in-depth course available on this subject. Fully updated, with many new sections, assessment techniques and exercises, this course builds upon the framework of the hugely popular Scientific Abdominal Training. Expand your knowledge of the abdominal musculature and its biomechanical relationship to the entire kinetic chain, when applied to the prevention of back pain, maintenance of good posture and optimal sports performance.

    This course takes approximately 16-24 hours to complete, depending on how many times you practice the assessments and exercises shown in the course.

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    CECs and CEUs also available for:
    NATA - 30
    REPS (UK) - 6
    Fitness Australia - 15
    REPS (Aus / NZ) - 30
    BCRPA - 24

    Learning Objectives

    You will learn:

    • Functional anatomy.
    • Support mechanisms provided by the abdominals.
    • How faulty abdominal training can create postural problems.
    • The two major support mechanisms a functionally trained abdomen provides to the low back.
    • The importance of tongue position during abdominal exercises.
    • The functions of the Inner and Outer Units.
    • The function of the abdominal wall and its relationship to the entire kinetic chain.
    • The effects of abdominal muscle imbalances.
    • Postural considerations for your clients.
    • The importance of testing core function.
    • How to assess cervical flexion activation.
    • How to assess transversus abdominis function.
    • How to assess lumbo-pelvic stabilization mechanism.
    • How to assess oblique muscle balance.
    • How to assess lower abdominal strength and coordination.
    • How to assess gross lumbar abdominal strength and stabilization.
    • How to assess upper abdominal strength.
    • How to assess lumbar curve.
    • How to perform deep abdominal wall exercises.
    • Proper activation of the thoraco-lumbar fascia system for total body stabilization.
    • Proper exercise technique to rehabilitate, recondition and re-establish normal function of the abdominal wall.
    • How to assess lower abdominal strength and coordination.
    • How to use a blood pressure cuff as a feedback mechanism with lower abdominal exercises.
    • A variety of exercises to train lower abdominal, oblique and upper abdominal musculature.
    • Who is considered an athlete.
    • If your client is qualified to perform high performance core conditioning exercises.
    • The effect the speed of an exercise has on the bodies tissues and joints.
    • The different planes of motion of the body.
    • What righting and tilting relflexes are and their applications to power training.
    • The order exercises should be placed in for safe and effective results.
    • A variety of power phase exercises for the core.

    Course Procedure

    1. Enroll in the course.
    2. View the course content including all videos and articles.
    3. Complete all quizzes - they must be passed before you can progress to the next section.
    4. Once you have completed the course content, you may take the final exam. (You must score 80% to pass. If you do not pass, you may retake the test.)
    5. Print your certificate of completion.

    Course Content

    Functional Anatomy of the Core: Video 1Video
    Functional Anatomy of the Core: Quiz 1Test
    Functional Anatomy of the Core: Video 2Video
    Functional Anatomy of the Core: Quiz 2Test
    Functional Anatomy of the Core: Video 3Video
    Functional Anatomy of the Core: Quiz 3Test
    Functional Anatomy of the Core: Video 4Video
    Functional Anatomy of the Core: Quiz 4Test
    Functional Anatomy of the Core: Video 5Video
    Functional Anatomy of the Core: Quiz 5Test
    Functional Anatomy of the Core: Video 6Video
    Functional Anatomy of the Core: Quiz 6Test
    Assessing Core Function: Video 1Video
    Assessing Core Function: Video 2Video
    Assessing Core Function: Video 3Video
    Assessing Core Function: Video 4Video
    Assessing Core Function: Video 5Video
    Assessing Core Function: Video 6Video
    Assessing Core Function: Quiz 6Test
    Core Conditioning Exercises: Video 1Video
    Core Conditioning Exercises: Quiz 1Test
    Core Conditioning Exercises: Video 2Video
    Core Conditioning Exercises: Quiz 2Test
    Core Conditioning Exercises: Video 3Video
    Core Conditioning Exercises: Quiz 3Test
    Core Conditioning Exercises: Video 4Video
    Core Conditioning Exercises: Quiz 4Test
    Core Conditioning Exercises: Video 5Video
    Core Conditioning Exercises: Quiz 5Test
    High-Performance Core Conditioning: Video 1Video
    High-Performance Core Conditioning: Quiz 1Test
    High-Performance Core Conditioning: Video 2 Video
    High-Performance Core Conditioning: Quiz 2Test
    High-Performance Core Conditioning: Video 3Video
    High-Performance Core Conditioning: Quiz 3Test
    High-Performance Core Conditioning: Video 4Video
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